About the Institute

The Institute for Sexuality Education Research was founded with the primary aim of developing more comprehensive instruments and strategies for assessment of sex and health education. In doing so, the ISER also aims to conduct research in the areas of gender and sexuality, as well as the measurement and development of sexual literacy.

Sexual literacy refers to a fundamental working knowledge of sexual behaviors and sexuality. The ISER aims to offer instruction and resources in sex positive sexual literacy – a sex education that includes basic health information, but treats sex as the typical human behavior that serves more than a reproductive function in relationships. The ISER hopes to establish a sexuality education that embraces the varieties of human sexual experience and the importance of developing a healthy understanding of one’s interests in order to practice them safely within consensual parameters.

The goals of this organization are;

  • žDevelopment of instrument[s] to measure existing sexual literacy, and the effects of workshops/classes on one’s existing sexual literacy
  • žConduct research the areas pertaining to gender equality and acceptance
  • žOffer campus resources pertaining to safety and consent dialogue/instruction