Introducing The Institute for Sexuality Education Research

By Lisa Bauer

We are a small collective located at the New Paltz – State University of New York dedicated to the study of sexuality and gender.

This may seem broad, and it is, but we start with a focus of defining a measurable understanding of sexual literacy and health knowledge. There are currently no uniform adopted standards in sex education, though there are efforts to implement such standards. The Institute of Sexuality Education Research [ISER] aims to develop testing practices to assess one’s sexual literacy knowledge, and utilize such instruments to measure the efficacy of such programs.

In addition, we also intend to offer a diverse array of programs, including a campus wide symposium to discuss the varieties of research efforts within the university, this blog to present ideas and insights, and smaller workshops on topics of consent, sexual health, and gender affirmative practices.

If you are interested in participating in the Psychology of Sexuality and Gender Symposium, more information can be found here. You can follow and participate in the conversation on our Facebook page. For all other inquiries, you can contact Lisa Bauer!