To Label or Not to Label: What is your interpretation?

Do you believe we should be labeled as individuals? Do you believe labeling makes life simpler or more complexed? Or do you believe it depends on what exactly is being labeled?

Why do labels exist?

Labels are supposed to help us with understanding objects/ subjects in which we then put into categories. According to Philosopher William Occam [nominalist scholar] the world is a Verbal Label, he stated that our experiences have elements that share similarities in which it then gives us the opportunity for general labeling (Hergenhahn, 2014). But sometimes individuals take labeling to the next level in which individuals feel governed to that particular label, and then become affected by it, or tend to affect others. However, labeling doesn’t mean we must see things the same as others may see it. Plato said himself, “Our purest idea and essence is nothing more than our abstract mind.” (Hergenhahn, 2014).

How do I view labeling?

With me it depends when it comes to describing personal traits and objects, I think labeling is then important. But to label subjects, that’s when it becomes challenging. People often label us through our gender, race, and/or sex in which sometimes leads to misconceptions of ideas, beliefs and interest. However, labels can also allow those who are labeled the ability to find others of similar labels by creating communities and safe-spaces. E.g someone who puts their-self into the LGBTQIAP+ category can seek out other individuals of their best interest making it easier to connect. So with me it depends on how it is being used.



Hergenhahn, B. R. (2014). An introduction to the history of

          psychology (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Pub.







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